About Us

We are one of the leading and oldest clock repair shops in Southern California which is operating under original owner for the last 57 years. We have the required experience in repairing as well as restoration of clocks and watches of every type and make.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our horologists have more than 42 years of experience (giving our shop a combined experience of over 99 years). They have the required training and expertise of repairing more than 81,000 clocks and watches and can repair your clock to make it working just as new.

Regular Maintenance Service

We also provide regular maintenance service so that your clocks and watches continue working normally and there is less damage to parts due to wear.
Regular maintenance makes sure that all the parts of your clocks and watches remain in good condition and there is no need to replace parts which can often be quite expensive task to do.

Sale of Antique Clocks

Apart from repairing clocks and watches, we also have more than 200 antique clocks which we have completely restored.
Another notable thing about our collection of clocks is that the oldest of these is from 1650 and the newest one is from 2000, a span of 350 years and would be a great addition to your home or office.

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