Clock Repair Service

We are a clock shop with more than 57 years of experience and so far have repaired more than 81,000 clocks and watches. As a one-stop clock shop for all your needs, we can cater to any requirement you may have, right from simple clock repairs to maintenance of family heirloom clocks and exquisite timepieces.

Our Clock Repair Process

We take utmost care to make sure your clock is repaired in the best possible manner and take pride in our highest standard of craftsmanship. Our goal with every clock repair is to return it back to its best state so it looks as well as works just as new.

Depending on the condition of the clock, our trained Horologists perform different tasks ranging from cleaning, repair to replacement of parts if necessary.

Let us provide you a brief insight into our clock repair process:

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Types of Clocks We Repair

We are proficient in repairing different types of clocks such as:

  1. Antique clocks

  2. Vintage clocks

  3. Grandfather clocks

  4. Cuckoo clocks

  5. Wall clocks

  6. Mantle clocks

  7. Electric clocks

  8. Battery clocks

Brands We Repair

In the last 57 years we have repaired clocks from most of the well known brands including; Antique and Modern Grandfather, Mantle, Skeleton, Wall, Carriage, Cuckoo, Fusee, Grand Sonnerie, Long case, Tambor, Vienna Regulator, Crystal regulator, Jerome, Ansonia, Welch, Ingraham, Terry, Gilbert, Enfield, Kroeber, Junghans, Waterbury, Kienzle, Urgos, Gustav Becker, Regula, Kieninger, Howard Miller, Japy, Seth Thomas, New Haven, and several others.

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